IPC Strategic Plan 2017 - 2020

IPC Strategic Plan 2017 - 2020 (PDF, 105KB) 

The IPC contributes to social and economic wellbeing in NSW by leading and advancing effective information access and privacy rights.


We demonstrate contemporary, effective engagement with citizens, agencies and stakeholders to lead delivery of balanced information access and privacy rights.

Strategic imperatives

  • Establish IPC as a recognised authority in fostering engagement within its legislative responsibilities.

  • Leverage opportunities to partner in regulatory programs.

  • Establish IPC as a lead integrity oversight agency.

Measured by:

  • Provision of guidance regarding consultation , engagement and public participation.

  • % increase in national/global activities and relationships.

  • % increase in number/diversity of  co-regulatory initiatives.

  • % increase in consultations and tailored regulatory initiatives.

Operational Excellence

Our operations are innovative, solution focused and adaptable, and our people have the commitment and capabilities to ensure optimal regulatory impact and citizen-centric services.

Strategic imperatives

  • Create the right mix of capabilities to be an effective  contemporary regulator.
  • Develop effective systems and processes to enable flexibility in delivery of services to stakeholders and citizens.
  • Implement systems and capabilities to guide an integrated approach to information access and privacy legislation.

Measured by:

  • IPC staff have capabilities and demonstrate expertise in regulatory craft and information management.

  • % improvement in IPC compliance with customer service standards.

  • % increase in compliance levels following IPC regulatory interventions.

Rights Promotion

Our independent and accessible expertise is recognised, trusted and exemplary in promoting rights and lawfully balancing information access and privacy.

Strategic imperatives

  • Adopt and promote an integrated approach to information management that minimises regulatory burden and guides practical solutions.

  • Shape the legislation and policies to ensure they are contemporary and effective.

  • Build a clear, contemporary and secure information sharing culture.

Measured by:

  • Incorporation of IPC submissions into new or revised instruments and reports.

  • Community attitudes survey demonstrates increasing awareness of IPC and rights promotion.

  • % increase in advices/briefings that holistically guide information management within the IPC legislative environment. 


We contribute to social and economic wellbeing by leading and advancing effective information access and privacy rights.

Strategic imperatives

  • Improve community awareness of the IPC and information access and privacy rights.
  • Create a culture of open and participative democracy.
  • Create a culture of commitment to and compliance with information access and privacy rights within agencies and service  providers.

Measured by:

  • % increase in community awareness of IPC legislation.

  • % increase in agency awareness of IPC services and responsibility.

  • % increase in identified opportunities for citizens to engage with agencies through IPC legislative mechanisms.

  • Client satisfaction trending upwards year on year.

Page updated: May 2017. 

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