Information Commissioner approvals under section 41(2) of the GIPA Act for additional facilities

With the approval of the Information Commissioner, government agencies may approve additional facilities for the making of an access application or the payment of an application fee.

The table lists all requests made to the Information Commissioner and approval dates (in date order).

Agency Nature of the approved additional facilities Date of Information Commissioner approval Approval by the Information Commissioner

NSW Department of Industry

To provide applicants the option to make payment by way of a credit card.

3 April 2017 

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Southern Cross University

To allow applicants the option to submit applications via email and provide an option for direct transfer of application fees to the agency’s bank account.

4 August 2016

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Office of Environment and Heritage

Online services via the agency’s website to allow additional application and payment facilities for access applications. NB. The additional facilities are in the development phase

27 June 2016

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Sutherland Shire Council

Online services via the Council’s website to allow for additional applications and payment facilities for access applications.

24 June 2014

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 Last updated:5 October 2016

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